Wednesday 5/25/16

Warmup: 3 rds100m run10 spider stretches10 sumo squat to stand15 arm circles forward and backward Mobility: squat test w/kb, 2 min Strength: front squat20 min to find 1RM*Try to beat last week Metcon: for time21-15-9Hang squat snatch, 95/65lb200m run Midline: for time21-15-9Double russian KB swings, 24/16kgSupermen w/pvc pipe

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May 25, 2016

Tuesday 5/24/16

Nothing but hard work at the 4:30!!! Warmup: 3 rds15 jumping jacks15 banded good mornings15 band dislocates Mobility: box hami stretch, 2 min/side Metcon: 3 RFT50 box jumps, 24/20″50 KB swings, 24/16kg25 burpees*30 min cap* Metcon: 3 RFT15 HSPU50 DU’s*No cap*

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May 24, 2016

Monday 5/23/16

Warmup:400m run20 OHS10 strict pullups20 muscle snatches Mobility: rack ankle stretches, 1 min/stretch Power/strength: EoMOM 10 min2 snatches @ 80%+ Metcon: 3 RFT10 thrusters, 135/95lb10 muscle ups400m run*20 min cap* Bonus optional metcon: for time50 cal row/AB10 power cleans, 225/155lb30 cal row/AB5 power clean

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May 23, 2016

Friday 5/20/16

Warmup:800m run, then 3 rds:3 muscle clean3 front squat3 strict presses3 good mornings Mobility: high band shoulder stretch, 2 min/side Power/strength: hang clean + clean + jerk5×1 building, 3:00 rest Metcon: AMRAP 9 min1 mile runAMRAP clean and jerk, 155/105lb Bonus work: 3 rds1000m row3 min rest

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May 20, 2016

Wednesday 5/18/16

Warmup: 3 rds15 jumping jacks10 single leg glute bridges5 strict supinated pullups10 spider stretches10 banded good mornings Mobility: adductor smash, 2 min/side Strength: front squat20 min to find 1RM Metcon: AMRAP 7 min2 rope climbs10 front squats, 135/95lb Skill: EMOM 10 minHSPU variation/progression (strict, kipping, wall walk, bands, etc)

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May 18, 2016

Tuesday 5/17/16

Warmup: 400m run, 3 rds:6 front squats6 strict presses6 kips Mobility: high band shoulder stretch, 2 min/side Metcon 1: EMOM 20 minOdd – 3 push jerks, 185/125lb + 10 T2BEven – 10 pushups + 3 squat cleans, 185/125lb Metcon 2: 3 RFT400m run50m double KB OH carry, 24/16kg

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May 17, 2016

Monday 5/16/16

Warmup: 4 rds20 DU’s3 muscle snatches3 snatch push presses3 OHS Mobility: foam roller/barbell OH stretch, Power/strength: 1 snatch balance + 1 OHS5 sets building, 2:00 rest Metcon: 8 rds for max reps:20 C2B pullups:10 rest:20 DU’s:10 rest:20 KB swings, 32/24kg:10 rest:20 DU’s:10 rest

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May 15, 2016

Friday 5/13/16

What does that metcon say?!?! Warmup:400m run, 3 rds:20 running high knees20 running butt kicks10 sumo squat to stand10 pvc dislocates Mobility: samson stretch w/band distraction, 2 min/side Power/strength: 1 clean and jerk5 sets, 3:00 rest*All sets at 85% or aboveMetcon: AMRAP 25 min5k run (6 800ms + 200m)ME power cleans, 185/135lb

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May 13, 2016

Thursday 5/12/16

Don’t forget!  All classes on Thursdays are Open Gym.  Get in to make up a workout, get some active recovery skill work in, work on mobility issues, etc.

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May 12, 2016

Wednesday 5/11/16

Warmup: 3 rds20 jumping jacks15 air squats10 pushups5 strict pullups Mobility: squat test w/kb, 3 min Strength: front squat20 min to find 3RM*Try to beat last week Metcon: AMRAP 12 min3 hang power snatches, 135/95lb6 burpee over the bar9 C2B pullups Cooldown: group stretch, coach’s choice

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May 11, 2016

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