Wednesday 4/27/16

Warmup: 3 rds20 DU’s10 spider stretches10 wall squats10 band pull apartsMobility: adductor smash, 2 min/sideStrength: front squat20 min to find a 3RMMetcon: 7 RFT7 squat cleans, 135/95lb14 over unders, 24/20″*17 min cap*Midline: 3 rds30 butterfly situps1:00 high plank

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April 27, 2016

Tuesday 4/26/16

Warmup: 3 rds20 jumping jacks15 air squats10 pushups5 pullupsMobility: med ball/KB t-spine stretch, 2 minMetcon: 3 rdsAMRAP 4 minPush jerks, 185/125lbAMRAP cal row/AD2 min rest*One max unbroken set of heavy push jerks right into an AMRAP of cal row/AD.  Choose a weight that allows you to get 6-8 push jerk reps. Gymnastics: for time5 rope climbs25…

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April 26, 2016

Monday 4/25/16

Doesn’t this chipper look fun?! Warmup:400m run20 banded front steps20 banded side steps20 banded back steps20 band pull aparts20 band dislocatesMobility: banded front hip stretch, 2 min/sidePower/strength: 1 snatch balance + 1 overhead squat20 min to find a maxMetcon: for time400m run100 DU’s400m run80 air squats400m run60 med ball sit-ups, 20/14lb400m run40 pullups400m run20 clean and…

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April 25, 2016

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