Sean Carney is MCF’s May Member of the Month!

Full name: Sean Carney
Age: 26
CrossFitting since: November 2013
WOD’s per week: 4-6

Tell us about yourself: 
Well my favorite color is green, and I like long walks on the beach, provided I have enough sunscreen. I’m originally from North Jersey (West Paterson/Jersey City) and I moved down to beautiful Monmouth County for work. I teach high school Latin (yes, that is still a thing). I am also an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils, the Minnesota Vikings, and movies in which superheroes do super things.

What did you do before CrossFit? 
In terms of fitness – nothing, really. There would be sporadic periods of “trying to get into shape,” which mostly consisted of anything I could do with the small dumbbell set I had at home and/or Dance Dance Revolution. When I started Crossfit, pretty much every movement was new to me.  

What were your thoughts after your first CF workout?
How do people do this!? Why are people doing MORE toes-to-bars AFTER the workout has ended?? How do they even get their toes to touch the bar? Are they ninjas? Is everyone here Batman?

What were your goals in joining MCF?
To lose weight, get in shape, and make friends. 

What is your favorite workout and why?
12 Days of Christmas. I like long workouts with lots of different movements in small sets.

What is your least favorite workout and why?
That time the workout was a surprise 5k run. I utterly detest running.

What is your favorite lift and why?
Pull-ups, because I’m lifting my favorite thing in the gym: myself.

What is your least favorite lift and why?
…thrusters. I’m fairly certain that doesn’t need further explanation.

How has CF affected you outside the gym?
Crossfit has gotten me into the greatest shape of my life. As a result, I have become a sexy beast dripping with confidence, which is quite an advantageous effect to have whilest going about one’s day-to-day business. I do not get winded when walking up flights of stairs or when picking up heavy objects. Oh, I can also farmer’s carry all my groceries in one trip! True story.

What advice would you have for those that are just getting started?
Have fun. Don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing. It’s not really about getting the fastest time or lifting the heaviest weight; it’s about utilizing the great programming to improve yourself and do what’s best for you. Listen to the coaches – they’re by far one of the best things about MCF. Another of the best things is the fantastic sense of community. MCF is one big family. Don’t be shy; everyone is super nice and lovely. Make a lifting buddy or maybe even a friendly rivalry. Make some friends. I know I’ve made most of my friends – and some of my absolute best friends – through this lovely #community.

What is something we might not know about you?
I may teach a dead language, but I’m very fond of the living, spoken ones as well. I’ve studied at least a dozen languages to varying degrees of fluency. Speak not English to me and you would totally make my day, even if you’re speaking something I don’t understand at all! That and I swam in the Arctic Ocean once. That’s a pretty cool (pun intended) fun fact too, I suppose.

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